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Body Sculpting

  • Thermoscope


    ThermaSculpt is a revolutionary fat removal system that does NOT involve surgery – there is no need for anesthetics, no hospital stay and no down time.

    ThermaSculpt is a five component system using: Biocurrent. Ultrasonic Cavitation. Lymphatic Vacuum. Tripolar and Radio Frequency.

    This allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits. as well as lifting and tightening skinResults are best seen on individuals who are close to their ideal weightand size but need that little extra oomphl The best results are seen on guests who drink one oz. of water per pound they weigh. and who lead an active lifestyle.

    Regular Price $170 | VIP Club Price $139

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    • Lipo Laser

      At iSpalon. we understand the need to create specific health and wellness goals. We are committed to helping you achieve theml Our non-surgical ilipo technology allows us to spot shrink any area of the body that contains dangerous visceral fat (belly fat) and unsightly subcutaneous fat without any downtime or needles. We can target any areas where fat and cellulite is concentrated on your body. This service is perfect to help add a level of assurance and success to meet your strategic wellness goals.

      Regular Price $170 | VIP Club Price $139

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      • Microcurrent treatment

        MicroCurrent Body Treatment

        Our Microcurrent Body Treatments will lift. firm and tighten your skin. A MicroCurrent is a non-surgical. non-invasive cosmetic technique that safely improves the appearance of the skin without surgery. Skin/tissue tightening and body shaping/sculpting can be accomplished utilizing the latest technology and training. Microcurrent treatments are safe. effective. painless. no downtime. non-invasive skin tightening alternative to surgical lifting procedures. including: liposuction. cellulite removal. Brazilian butt lifting and total body lifting.

        Regular Price $170 | VIP Club Price $139

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