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“Everything falls into place when you love you!”

At  iSpalon, we believe wellness makes your life easier to manage. Intentional living starts with a commitment to healthy habits. Healthy habits lead to more fulfillment. A more fulfilled life leads to a higher self-esteem and love for self. We want to help you create habits that make intentional living easier and more attainable. We want to help you fall in love with you!

Body Works

  • Utopia Experience

    Enjoy the process of relaxing and rejuvenating your muscles while simultaneously exfoliating the skin with our fragrant and luxurious body scrub. Also includes a hot towel treatment to soothe your muscles to a new level. Finished with a nature inspired moisturizer. Your mind and skin will feel exhilarated as you give off a beautiful glow.

    90min. – Regular Price $150 | VIP Club Price $139

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    • Indigo Detox Renewal Treatment

      Let the power of nature unlock your overall wellness and healing. Each session will be thoughtfully tailored to your mind and body’s needs. Aromatherapy blend of essential oils that will stimulate your body’s senses to promote energy and healing for a renewal process combined with hands-on body work techniques will take you further into your wellness goals.

      60min. – Regular Price $125 | VIP Club Price $99

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      • Integrative Body Work

        A combination of several hands-on body work techniques to promote health. boost energy, and increase vitality. A great choice for pain
        management or if you are having trouble sleeping. This treatment will help relieve stress and tensed muscles leaving you feeling brand new. Deeper
        pressured techniques available upon request.

        60min. – Regular Price $85 | VIP Club Price $69

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        • Body Scrub Treatment:

          A full body exfoliation that buffs away dead skin cells and impurities using a creamy body scrub infused with Essential oils and scented scrub. Smooths and softens the skin.

           Regular Price $85

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